Here at the Tinker’s Box™ members will have access to a wide range of tools and software to create products for commercialization. Access will include:

3D printing 

Members wishing to build 3D models will have access to two Stratasys 3D printers and SolidWorks.

Computer Lab

There are six iMac computers and two Dell that members will be able to develop software and work on designing 3D models.

Digital Video Lab

Members will be able to create and edit digital media with a camera, go pro, green screen, and more.

Materials Science Lab

Members will be able to craft with textile materials using an industrial sewing machine, embroidery machine, various tools, and more.

Electrical and Robotics

Members wishing to work with robotics and build electrical products will have access to Arduino, robotic kits, soldering, and more.

General tools

If members find that they need a general tool to build a product, they will also have access to power drills, Dremel, Saws, etc.

Metal and wood shop coming soon!

If you are interested in becoming a tinker, download the Tinker’s Box Handbook and submit the form below.