Update Regarding Our Team Project

"We have decided to make an IR light barrier. This will allow us to develop our technological skills. We can take this project and design a way to make an alarm system that is based off light. How it will work is there is an IR sensor and when it gets interrupted the alarms silence … Continue reading Update Regarding Our Team Project

Outline your team’s project.

"We want to create a project that benefits some of the problems going on in our everyday lives. I suggested using the 3D printer so we can build the bases for most of our projects. We want to make something that can actually help us as humans or even as a planet. For example, we … Continue reading Outline your team’s project.

proposed project

With the capability of a 3-D printer, I plan on printing a case, in which parents can put in their diaper to organize diapers and wipes for on the go organization. You find many moms struggling with the amount of diapers, wipes, creams, clothes, and god knows what else in their diaper bag and its … Continue reading proposed project

The Game Plan

Have you ever spilled coffee on your lucky business shirt right before that big interview?Well, I believe our invention might be just the thing you need to assure this doesn’t happen again. The invention our group unanimously came up with is the coffee cup that catches your every spill; this coffee cup looks like your … Continue reading The Game Plan