What is the Tinker’s Box™?

The Tinker’s Box™ is a makerspace designed to help facilitate innovation, STEM education, and commercialization in the Carroll County/West Georgia area.  It fosters an environment for creativity, product/software development, and the exchange of knowledge and ideas.


To provide access to equipment, expertise, and a maker environment which encourages innovation and development of new ideas.


  1. Foster regional creativity & innovation
  2. Commercialization
  3. Grow new companies and innovation opportunities
  4. Provide STEM related knowledge


The Tinker’s Box™ began development in 2014 through a partnership of several public and private agencies, under the direction of the Carroll County Economic Development Foundation, d/b/a Carroll Tomorrow, a 501(c)(3) economic development public-private partnership. Carroll Tomorrow, owns and operates the Tinker’s Box ™.  The makerspace opened for operation in the fall of 2017.

The Tinker’s Box is open to individuals, referred to as ‘Makers’, that are interested in product innovation in the following areas: electronics, robotics, software, and technology applications.

Members are defined as paying individuals, referred to as ‘Makers’, that receive services and access to equipment in exchange for their payment.