Present your project. Discuss key features, challenges faced, outcomes, etc.

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“The project that Cory and I have created is an infrared light barrier. During the creation of this light barrier, we faced several challenges. We had to learn how to solder in order to create our light barrier. Some problems when initially were learning to do so, we did not know how to work the helping hand’s station and how exactly we should melt the solder. We followed the intructions directly for the light barrier. The instructions showed us exactly how to build the light barrier, we followed them exactly as they were written. However, despite this, we did make a mistake. When soldering we accidentally connected two soldered wires together, we had to remove this in order for the light barrier to work properly, but when removing it part of the circuit board broke off resulting in the actual sensor to not work anymore. The alarm works and it will scream when turned on, however, the barrier that makes it stop beeping does not work because of our mistake.”

-Dustin Terrell


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