Update Regarding Our Team Project

“We have decided to make an IR light barrier. This will allow us to develop our technological skills. We can take this project and design a way to make an alarm system that is based off light. How it will work is there is an IR sensor and when it gets interrupted the alarms silence will be interrupted allowing the electricity to pass through the speaker. This speaker will start to make an alarm sound. Being able to make something like this will allow us to make alarm systems in the future and builds are technological skills. My team will be putting this project together within the next few weeks. We thought that this project sounded cool and would be a great learning experience. hard-work-motivational-quotesThis will challenge what we have learned so far during the class. We will do our best to put this project together without messing it up. To design something like this will challenge what we have learned.”

-Cory Lewis


“The decision for Cory and I to make an IR light barrier was an easy one. Although there were many options in front of us, they did not seem as entertaining and exciting as the IR light barrier. Once fully constructed, this light barrier will work as a type of alarm. The alarm like the name mentions this alarm will go off when reacted with light via the IR sensor. Once the sensor is disrupted by the light the alarm will lose the alarm silencers which allows the warning to trigger. The technology is going to be challenging to not only comprehend, but also put together. I believe that this will be a hard project that will take us at least a few weeks to complete. However, I know that we will be able to complete this project and have it fully functioning with the knowledge we have gained from this class.”

-Dustin Terrell


“The Velleman Digital Echo Chamber Kit allows you to create delay effects for use with several different audio systems. It can be used in karaoke and public address. As well as business purposes or even personal use. The Digital Echo Chamber can be used either with its built-in microphone or when connected to a conventional sound system and line level signal. The Velleman Digital Echo Chamber Kit consists of: resistor, Zener Diode, regular diode, IC socket, capacitor, switch, PCB Pins, Pin headers, Electrolytic capacitor, Mic, Trimmer, and an IC. Lastly, we will seal everything with the soldering tool. We have not begun building our boards yet.”

-Kristina Satterwhite

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