Outline your team’s project.

“We want to create a project that benefits some of the problems going on in our everyday lives. I suggested using the 3D printer so we can build the bases for most of our projects. We want to make something that can actually help us as humans or even as a planet. For example, we discussed creating a flower pot that could hold water longer. This idea would consist of a simple 3D flower pot and some slight experimenting. We also discussed ideas on roof greenery, recycling designs and so much more. Most of our ideas download12321are based on environmental or human benefit. We haven’t decided on one solid project yet because it’s difficult to choose just one person’s problem over the other. We want to make one idea that solves all of our problems.”

-Kristina Satterwhite

The project that we plan on doing is to help the environment. We want to make something that can help the world that we live in. There are many ways that we can help the environmentSo, our groups plan to act and help the place that we live. If more people would put in the effort to help the environment we could make amazing inventions. These inventions could include making something that could separate trash OFFICE-Poubelle-tri-selectif-pour-bureau-design-modulaire-4in plastic metal and paper. If we could make something that could do this, we could clean something like the great ocean trash dump. I have read something a while back about this invention that someone had made, and it was to help clean out the ocean by separating all the trash. Something as simple as this could change the world in just a small amount of time. Therefore, our group wants to make a change to better our environment with something that could help clean or change.”

-Cory Lewis

“My team and I have been discussing things to invent in the tinker box. I was hoping on making something practical and useful considering the tinker box equipment and my skill level. Like maybe cups with designs or flower pot with designs, these items would not be too overwhelming to make in the 3d printers, and would not take to much time considering they are relatively small. pasted image 0

These two items would both be beneficial in the world, considering one forces you to plant something and the other could be given to the less fortunate. Our team could even go as far as creating a water catcher at the bottom of the flower pot for more convenience, or even handles or finger indentations on the cups for fewer spills.  I believe me and my team could pull one of these off. I know they have many great ideas too and we’ll have to choose our favorite next class.”

-Frankie Asenjo


“The ideas are always flowing with a 3D printer. When trying to come up with ideas for our team. Nearly right away we began talking about what could make a difference in the world, what could innovate what we already have, and what could be life-changing. Kristina immediately stated that we should think about these questions in environmental terms and with that came new questions like, ‘What part of the environment, what should our focus be and why.’ We began talking about, trash issues with the environment like how would it be easier to recycle and would it be possible to clear out the trash island floating around in the Pacific. WEB_PHOTO_TRASH_ISLAND_24112017Although they could be considered tall tasks, we believe that we can make a difference in the world by bringing our minds together, we can change the world. Our goal is to work on something, anything to better the environment.”

-Dustin Terrell

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