proposed project

With the capability of a 3-D printer, I plan on printing a case, in which parents can put in their diaper to organize diapers and wipes for on the go organization. You find many moms struggling with the amount of diapers, wipes, creams, clothes, and god knows what else in their diaper bag and its all because its generally just thrown in there. If we can create a case to organize all these items it could help so many woman out in the long run. It will be a “life-savor” and of course time-savor as parents will be able to just reach in each compartment and have exactly what they need. It will have a section  for diapers, a temperature regulated section that is rechargeable for wipes, a small compartment for creams, another compartments for essentials and random necessities, and lastly a small flexible compartment for an outfit or two. I want to be able to produce this organizer in both horizontal orientation and a vertical orientation. I think using a 3-D printer will give us the flexibility  we need to create this organizer, while also remaining cost effective. The goal is for this organizer to simply slip into whatever diaper bag the parents are using and sit comfortably. I believe to be able to achieve this project, it will need to be broken down into a few steps and the pieces can connect. I think this will allow the possibility to move the parts around and make it easier to fit into different bags or areas. I hope to successfully complete this project before the class ends. 1.jpg2.jpg

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