The Game Plan

no slip cup

Have you ever spilled coffee on your lucky business shirt right before that big interview?Well, I believe our invention might be just the thing you need to assure this doesn’t
happen again. The invention our group unanimously came up with is the coffee cup that
catches your every spill; this coffee cup looks like your typical coffee mug, however, it
has an attachable under layer that is a little bit bigger than the actual cup and will catch
every drop of coffee as soon as it runs down the side of the cup. With the under layer
being attachable there won’t be any need for cup plates, now you have a free hand to
do more. Also, once you are done drinking your morning coffee the under layer of the
cup will easily detach with the remaining coffee, making it easy to pour and clean the

Of course the 3D printing machine filament is plastic, but we will be able to make a prototype of a design similar to the one above with slight modifications. It took us a while to come up with this idea because its a bit overwhelming to think about one problem around the world and actually create something to fix that problem. We all went thru a bit of research to find something that would be relatively easy to invent and this is what we all agreed to. Honestly, our creative thought about this idea could change and we may do something completely different because there are so many possibilities with a 3D printer.

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