What do I hope to create this semester?

This semester, as I continue to learn about maker-space and  the advancements of technology, I hope to create a device far more efficient and less costly that allows parents to be able to see their unborn child while in the comfort of their own home. I want to create a hand held ultra sound device, so parents who are worrisome can quickly be relieved with the sight of their unborn child and the sound of it’s heart beat. Many will say “we already have ultrasound devices at doctors office and we clearly have hand help fetal Doppler to allow us to hear the heart beat.” However if you have ever been a worried or curious parent-to-be, then you will understand how hard it can be to get an appointment or if you get one the doctors will always try to give you an answer without an ultrasound and sometimes you just want to see your baby. seeing your baby and hearing it’s heart beat is the most peaceful time a mother will have and sometimes it’s all the parents need.
2 There will be many obstacles to create a device small enough to be transported and be in home, while remaining inexpensive an economical, however I believe we can make this possible with enough research and the use of newer technology, such as 3-D printers, advanced ways to transmit sound waves, and so much more. There has recently been an attempt to create a device such as I have described, and it is roughly half the cost of a normal ultra sound machine however it is still roughly $3000 and that’s more than many families can afford. GE has partnered with physicians and created the VScan as mentioned above. This device is compared to a cellular phone with an attached probe containing not one but two transducers. It has allowed advance treatment in rural areas and communities that could not before have this advanced technology. I would like to team up with GE and the physicians who made the VScan possible and accept their assistance with creating a cheaper while still just as efficient version of the VScan.

I think we can use a 3-D printer to help create the smaller pieces inside the machine which although will be time consuming, should minimize the cost of the technology. Also if we take the blue prints of the current machine and try to minimize the technical parts while receiving the same image and technology, it will minimize the cost greatly. Creating an economically efficient handheld sonography machine will not only help ease the mind of parents-to-be, it can be beneficial to many others like those with heart disease who need frequent imaging and those with internal gastric issues who may need to monitor blockage and so much more. These hand held devices can easily travel far and beyond restrictions before put in place. It brings technological and medical advancements to communities who before couldn’t have any help due to poverty and lack of. 3

In summary, if we can create a cost efficient hand held sonography device we can explore medical boundaries and bring health care help to those who are most in need.  Not only will we be providing help to those less fortunate and deprived of treatment concerning health due to poverty, we will be bringing access to a peaceful mind of parents-to-be by allowing them to see their growing child in the comfort of their own home no matter what time it is. We will be creating an advanced, highly sophisticated, economically efficient, hand-held sonogram machine that gives you the image of inside your body by producing and transmitting sound waves. 4

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