Innovation Ignites Entrepreneurship

Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos. These are common names associated with different aspects of everyday things, and we know what these names stand for. These individuals were innovators; they changed not only their future, they changed our future. Their success came from a single idea- they each wanted to change something, or better yet, their curiosity got the best of them, but they all believed in their ideas and changed the course of history and the terms “innovator” and “entrepreneur.”

The term “innovation” is highly associated with entrepreneurs and their work because they collaborate in making a high-risk business long-term. Great leaders of businesses are known for creating or reinventing products, contributing to their success and to the success of the company they stand for. While the blueprints for innovative success are not always clear, it is evident that companies thrive because of determination in improving product.

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The world is composed of brilliant people, and it is those who take action that are written in textbooks. Earlier, a number of men were mentioned that readers could think of a single product or idea associated with the individual. This is innovation. Albert Einstein can be remembered for a number of things: existence of atoms and molecules, rewriting Sir Isaac Newton’s Law of Gravitation, E=mc², and multitudes of other phenomenons, but sometimes we just think about him as an older man, riding on a bike with crazy hair, and a big grin on is face, just knowing he was brilliant. His scientific discoveries and proof changed the course of the world we live because he was full of wonder. His goal was not to create business or make the world think in a new way; Einstein wanted an update in his knowledge, knowing it could be progressed. He innovated education.

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Benjamin Franklin is another mastermind. As one of the founding fathers of the United States, Franklin founded a number of his own inventions. The Franklin Stove, bifocals, the flexible catheter, and the most well-known of them all, the lightning rod and an explanation of electricity made Franklin a new man and new business a royal success. Innovation does not come with a clear set of instructions, but those who take the reins have power in their mind and a will to act. Just as Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, changed the role of the personal computer, he provided a new road for technology to intervene on by developing key products including the McIntosh, iPod, and iPhone. Both Franklin and Jobs created astounding businesses off entrepreneurship with innovated technology, but innovation does not have to change the entire world.

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Change can be scary, but innovation does not have to be. At one point, innovation meant putting an eraser on a pencil, and it can still be that way. Change can be composed when a good problem is found, like having a pencil without an eraser. Innovators are what keeps the world going ’round. Quite literally, our economy is full of innovators fixing problems, and entrepreneurs are the innovators of our economy. What one man does can influence another in the same aspect, providing a solution to a need. Our entrepreneurs have a problem that others in society need to know about; they have faith in a product, and the confidence to tell the world of its vitality by making it into a business. Innovatoin and entrepreneurship need each other. Innovation leads to success whether an invention works through adaptability or it fails as improper; it is successful because it means getting one step closer to a solution. Our world needs our inventors, our world needs our innovators, our problem solvers; it needs more people with brilliant minds, like you.

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