What do you want to create this semester in XIDS?

Frankie Asenjo


         I hope to create a couple of interesting and useful things this semester. There are many small things in the world we use every day to make life easier. My main focus in this class is to figure out little ways to improve life for everybody. For example, I would create a small phone clip to prop a phone up while watching a video or create a small comb for my cat at home. I could even create pencils for the less fortunate kids that are still attending school every day. I am sure the things we could make are endless. I’m going to try to see how big I can make things and how far I can branch out my creativity.  It would also be cool to make something I could potentially make money off of or even brand as my own. For example cups, bowls, or pots. This would benefit people in many ways. There are people in the world that need cups and bowls to eat and drink out of, and there are also people in the world that like to plant different things like flowers and crops. If I could give them what they need to plant something to imagine how many new plants will be potted, or how many fruits and vegetables would be grown. I want to gain more skill on the websites that we will be using to create things also so I can truly create what I envision. I am a business major and it would also be cool to start a successful business off something created in the Tinkerbox. It would also be cool to make things for the less fortunate like bottles, blankets, or shoes. I hope we can put designs on our creations while they are being made to further personalize it. I also wanna create something that uses electricity efficiently. Everyday humans waste electricity so it would feel good knowing I made something using a very little amount of energy. Another thing I want to make is something for my car like a lip spoiler. This goes on the trunk of the car and provides a sleek look. It also adds aerodynamics to your car. This would be very interesting to me and I would love to see the finished result on my car.bmw e92phone standplantshoe

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