What do I hope to create this semester?

Kristina Satterwhite

RWANDA STARVATIONsave energyAnimal Testing

I hope to create innovations in this makerspace that actually change society over time. I really hope to create something I can look back on. Something that actually benefits human or animal life in some way. There are many innovations we need as a whole planet. I just hope to send a message through my creations that draw awareness to these issues right now. There are a tremendous number of terrible things that are going on everywhere that no one cares about. Although, I know I can’t attempt to create these major innovations in just a matter of a semester. I still hope to create a project to at least benefit a small majority in the future. I aim to create something that could possibly conserve energy. I would like to create a project that could possibly turn off the lights if you forgot. On a day we waste a lot of electricity. Who knew to leave a microwave or game console plugged-in still wasted energy? The U.S Department of Energy said it can add as much as 10% to a consumer’s monthly energy bill. Try to start unplugging your appliances and things that you rarely use.I hope to create something that benefits animals as well. I want to develop something that draws awareness to some of today’s problems everywhere. Animals are abused and deformed because of animal testing and breed-specification legislation. Animals should not have to be lab experiments. I want to inform others of the issues these beautiful animals face daily while still sharing a 3D project with someone on the other side of the United States. By inserting a picture of the animal on the front of these 3D paper clips or bookmarks could possibly save 10-20 animals by just giving a number to the shelter or a link to a charity for them. I hope to create something that draws awareness to many different problems that are not addressed on a daily basis as needed. We need each other more than ever at a time like this. People are designing new bags and faster cars when people are being murdered and starved on the other side of the world. Change is something we need as a planet and that has to start with the little things we create that intrigue the people that actually matter. We need to save ourselves from these slowly emerging issues before they become life-threatening to us as well soon.
Ultimately, I hope to begin a trend of change and awareness towards the world’s issues. Spreading awareness shows people that they are not alone and that they are cared for, and if that means sticking a couple of important facts on a bookmark then I’ll do it. This planet needs a lot more than innovation; it needs love something we can’t produce so why not give your time to spread awareness about someone else’s issues to at least make that person feel like they are still loved and cared for.

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