What do you hope to create this semester?

Upon learning what this class is actually about, I became excited and was ready right away to begin working in the makerspace with the 3D printer and all of the other various tools around the shop. My brain was kicked into overdrive thinking of all the amazing things that could be created with the access I was being granted to these almost futuristic machines. Being the nerd that I am, one of the first things that I came across was a 3D printed replica of the weapon, Stormbreaker, that Thor forges in Marvel’s Infinity War.


However, as I looked more into the process of 3D printing, I realized that it would be extremely difficult to construct, and I would need a very large 3D printer. I then began to think of other objects to print, ones that could be useful and ones that could be cool to have. One of the useful things I thought of would be a computer tower. I just recently built a gaming PC and did not enjoy having to pay over $50 for a tower. With a 3D printed tower, the price would be far cheaper but would be very tricky to make with all the additional wiring and other electrical components that must be in the tower. The fans that would be in the tower could be printed as well, hypothetically if given the resources and the knowledge on computer wiring this could be accomplished at a far more inexpensive price.dt-cu-0001-cuk-006_halfgpu_angleopen_900 Something cool to create would have to be a complete poker chip set, I know that they are not too expensive and it would be way easier to simply go buy one from Walmart instead of printing out the set; but how awesome would it be when you have some of your friends over or you are playing with your family and you just whip out a completely 3D printed set of poker chips! You would be able to make whatever design you wanted on them, and you would easily be able to replace a few chips that went missing while you shove in all your chips screaming “ALL IN”. Another cool thing for me would have to be the actual infinity gauntlet used in Marvel’s Infinity War. The infinity gauntlet was used in the movie by Thanos, who was the villain of the movie. The infinity gauntlet while printing it would give zero benefits to me or help improve everyday life, it would be something that I would cherish and would bring a smile to my face to see in my room. Another useful and practical thing would be a toothbrush. It’s not crazy to think about printing a toothbrush handle when everyday advancements are being made in 3D printing such as being able to build houses and prosthetic limbs for the handicapped. The 3D printer is an amazing tool that can be used for such amazing things with the right sized printed and the knowledge of how to innovate. However, the thing that I would like to make this semester would definitely have to be something as simple as an Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, bobblehead. It would just be a simple design, the body in his Packers uniform with his number 12 on the back and small text above it that would say, “RODGERS”. Leading up to his head would be a spring attached to his head which would be in a helmet sporting the iconic Green Bay Packers logo. Although this project that I have in my idea once again will not change everyday life for all it would just make life a little more enjoyable for this die-hard Packers fan.green-bay-packers-logo-transparent

To sum it all up, I want to be a little cheesy and make the all-time best cheese head in the history of the NFL.

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