What do I hope to create this semester?





Our students are in the early phases of choosing their projects for the semester. They are currently learning how to 3D print and will soon learn about circuitry.

Tinker-Tot Arieaunna

     This semester I plan to make something that is cute, stylish, and something I can also use for myself. Being that I am a business major, finding something that I could sell would be perfect. What do I have in mind? Fashion sunglasses. When I decided I wanted to pursue business, I always thought about ‘making’ my own sunglasses line, but I never knew where to start. This is the perfect opportunity. I think the Tinker’s Box is the perfect place for me to find and create new things and express my ideas. In my group, we hope to create something very useful and nice. We will work together to come up with creative ideas. This class is very convenient for me. Although it is a class on my schedule, I can see myself coming to the Tinker’s Box on a regular day just to create new things. I am EXCITED!

Tinker-Tot Brian

     This semester our group hopes to create something useful for anyone to be able to use. With the 3D printer and other resources, I hope this is possible. Not only do we want the item to be useful but also unique to us. Our group has not decided what to make but we do have some ideas. Items such as a phone holder for the car or a simple phone case with a special design are just some of the ideas we have. Whatever we decide on, I hope it is either successful or not a complete failure. We will probably struggle a bit during the creation and design of our item, but I hope our group will have fun and get along during our project/goal. I also hope to create a nice and fun to read blog along with the creation project.

Tinker-Tot Nichole
What should we make? The possibilities are endless, and I believe this fact alone makes answering that question all the more difficult. My first thought was a cow, but that’s only because when I asked someone close to me, “a cow” was their first response. Someone in the group mentioned phone cases, and that got me thinking: why not build upon someone else’s good idea. This is when I suggested that our group make phone cases, but they would be unique: we could put quotes on them (i.e. movie and TV quotes, Bible verses, popular sayings, etc.). Lately, I feel like if an object has space for text, people automatically fill that space with words. Of course, there are already tons of phone cases with quotes on them, but maybe we could have a certain theme to it. Maybe we don’t have to write anything at all. I don’t know; it is just an idea. I’m not sure what the 3D printer is entirely capable of yet.
Tinker-Tot Myles
​What I would like to create in this class is something I feel is useful or just a good innovation to something that I find interesting. As of right now, I would like to make a phone case. I feel like there are so many different and unique phone cases on the market. I feel my group and I can improve upon existing designs. Over time I’ve realized that everyone invest a lot into a new phone, so they are also willing to invest in phone cases. As of right now we are still discussing what the case will look like and also which idea is best for design and profit. I feel that a phone case is a good and exciting project to take on. I feel good about going into the project. I expect everything to go well and turn out well based on the ideas on the table.

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