What Do You Hope To Create This Semester?

“This is actually a hard question to answer because I want to create something that makes life more convenient and easy. Unfortunately, that seems easier said then done. Ever since the professor told the class we would make our own creations, I noticed that I questioned how I could make things I do in my daily life easier. While folding my laundry, I asked myself, “How can I make folding quicker and more precise?” My ideas make me consider if anyone would even be willing to buy them. I also was thinking about things with a bit more practical use. I noticed people with iPhone’s tend to have a messed up charging cord and the problem is always on the ends, so it could be possible to reinforce that part of the charger by creating a case for the ends on the chargers. Unfortunately, on a few 3D printing websites that idea was already thought of. This made me wonder if I should be thinking about things people want or things I want. Thinking about the things I need for the things I have, I have a fold-able bike that can be carried like a suitcase when it is folded. The problem with it is the wheels. The wheels don’t help the bike roll easily. In fact I was damaging an important part of the bike because it was  moving more easier than the way the manufacturers suggested.  Eventually I realized the bike was damaged because of the small wheels and just creating larger wheels could easily fix that problem.”

-Dorsey Beckles


“I believe that creating cases for eyeshadow boxes in the 3D printer would be quite convenient for all women who wear eyeshadow from time to time or on a daily basis. Eyeshadow is a pretty sensitive component. When it tends to get dropped in its original case that the manufacturer provided, the eyeshadow quickly shatters and all the money you spent on an eyeshadow palette becomes a waste. I’ve been in many situations where my expensive eyeshadow palette drops and all the different eyeshadows in the palette become dust. I know many other woman can relate. It’s very saddening and irritating when this tends to happen. Sometimes I just wish the manufacturer would make the eyeshadow palette out of a more sturdy material or that there was an option to purchase cases for an eyeshadow palette. Eyeshadow cases would be convenient for many. I believe that this would be a very common product that many women would buy and invest their money in. Eyeshadow cases would make her life easier and the world a better place. Women wouldn’t have to face the heartbreak of their broken eyeshadow palette.”

-Lesly Menchaca

“Do you know someone who has been in a car accident due to a driver falling asleep behind the wheel? Well, I actually know someone who has, and this semester I want to create a tool to help prevent this issue. After doing more research, I would like the invention to be a wrist band that can read your body and know the signs of the body when it gets sleepy. The band will send a harmless yet effective shock to alert your body and instantly wake you up. When I was thinking of the many inventions I could create through my own experiences, I immediately thought of a way that could help others and maybe even save someone’s life.”

-Jeremia Smith



“I am excited to create new, fun things that can be used in everyday life. For example, it would be pretty cool to make a phone case considering that is something someone uses every day. A phone case with a cool design on it would be very custom and pretty cool to make in my opinion. It would be interesting to say I made this phone case myself with a 3D printer! Also, to create a phone holder would be pretty neat too. There could be a phone case and a phone holder that can go together. These things would be very useful and popular to many different people than just me because nowadays most every person has a cell phone.”

-Alexis Young


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